This project is located on the 13th floor of a Condominium Building recently completed in Harlem, NY.

An 18 ft. x 29 ft. (522 SF) existing terrace with 4.5 feet of railing on three sides and concrete pavers typical of all developer buildings offers magnificent views of Central Park and the New York Skyline.

Inspired by Central Park and the concept of nature in an urban environment we designed this terrace. Its form is the continuation of our exploration of crystals, folds and fractal geometry. Like all fractal objects, each part resembles not only other parts, but the whole, metaphorically connecting to nature or the cosmos.

The terrace floor plane covered in Ipe wood folds and become vertical walls and roof in some parts. Walls become seating and hold planter boxes within them. Lighting is incorporated within the structure allowing for indirect ambient light in the evenings. This continuity and fluidity of structure, space, and material allows the terrace to feel expansive, yet have different areas for covered dining, sun bathing, or simply leaning against the wall and enjoying the views of the park and the city beyond.

From the living room looking out at the terrace, it appears as a large installation and a work of art that catches the light and shadow reminiscent of crystalline structures of nature.