We envision a dark metal framework or a wrapper incasing the jeweled crystalline part of the project similar to a piece of jewelry. The base building is articulated in metal and glass and connects the east and west buildings. The two double story lobbies bracket the second floor dedicated to amenities such as gym/party room, children playroom and two large terraces on either side of the Highline Park conceptually extending the park through the second floor of the project.

The Crystalline facade of the east and west buildings will be the jewel of the project experienced both from inside and outside. The 10th Avenue facade is an urban wall with a strong presence and referral to the Highline via its use of material, detailing and continuing the concept of a large window for each residence to view the drama of life on 10th Avenue.

The concept of the Urban Park, Garden, and Nature within an industrial setting is going to be carried within the whole project. The green planting is going to be visible from the lobby to the roof terrace on the top of the building.