This collection originated from working with Nadja Swarovski on a chandelier for the Crystal Palace collection. The idea of creating a collection in the form of an enormous crystal was extended to this jewelry collection. New asymmetrically large crystals were designed by Hariri & Hariri Architecture and fabricated by Swarovski specifically for this collection. The collection is named Kyptonite (a fictional element from Superman mythos) because it gives one Superpower from its sheer size and design, it is almost super-natural! Like all our work this collection cannot be defined as one thing, it is the amalgamation of many things, where beauty, sensuality, functionality, technology and philosophy connect the body and mind.

Similar to our most recent Luxury Residential Project in Salzburg Austria, architecturally this collection simulates rock formations, deposits and random composition of a quarry site where pieces of rocks are chiseled from the mountain and then cut to smaller pieces stacked up in a random fashion. With this approach the Swarovski Crystal itself becomes the “generator”, conceptually defining each piece of the collection. Technologically, after a virtual 3D model of the pieces were completed at Hariri & Haririʼs Atelier, they were sent electronically to a JET 3D Printer that created a physical 3D prototype of the pieces. Just like creating a physical 3D Model of a building. This prototype was then used for a mold to cast metal in.