The JSM Music studios occupy 10,000 sq. ft. ; two floors of an industrial building in Manhattan. The scope of work was 4,500 sq. ft., to accommodate the following program: new entry and logo, reception and waiting area, administrative offices, a large central lounge for meeting and concerts, kitchen and dining facilities, bathrooms, furniture and lighting and a staircase connecting the two floors.

12 ft. high by 5 ft. wide and 112 ft. long, the space carries a beat through a repetitive series of cubical elements. This order is juxtaposed on the opposite side of the space through a curvilinear system of melodic planes. The beat and melody, the cubical elements and the curvilinear planes come together in a dynamic space activated by a staircase elevating one to an upper level. This articulation molds the space into an instrument like chamber where one's movement through the walls is similar to movement of sound through a musical instrument.

Marking the entrance is the JSM Logo, in form of a hologram. Hologram being a light-record, the idea here is to record sound, light and space. A mechanical duct system and electrical cable tray are exposed defining the main spine of the project. Display area for musical instruments and a bar area are carved into the curvilinear wall system providing auxiliary hangout spaces. The lounge and concert area is defined by a sheet of steel. Serving this space are three custom designed furniture; Galileo stools, Amoeboid table and Cloud Lights improvised in strategic spaces throughout the melody of this project.