The loft of the future would be a sensual, calm and inspiring space to live, work, and meditate in. The materials of this loft are transparent and translucent resin panel LCD screens, acrylic floor and high gloss resin floor. 

This loft is organized around a wall that holds all the furniture and fixtures of the apartment. It transforms into a glamorous home and entertaining place when the transparent furniture is pulled out of the wall and positioned throughout the space, creating an ephemeral domestic environment.

Another emphasized ritual or event is exposing the bathroom space (conventionally behind solid walls and closed doors) and turning the loft into a luxurious spa, where one can mediate, do yoga with a virtual guru or simply take a bath. Here the views of the city overlapped with the virtual images through the loft create a transcendental experience of floating and suspending in space.

Finally in this loft the actual and virtual, body and spirit, work and home- all would comfortably coexist, contained in one very simple, austere, and efficient space.