This fast growing investment and advisory firm expanded from a partial floor to a full floor of a Midtown Manhattan Office Building. They were looking for a Time-Less, Elegant, and efficient offices that would allow them to move to their new space within a six-month period and construction time line.

The new 14,500 gross sq. ft. space was to accommodate four different groups of, A-Capital Partners, B-Capital Advisors, C-Capital Management and, D-Real Estate. The challenge here was to recognize and accommodate each group’s independent needs yet encourage interrelations, and exchange of information between groups while maintaining a coherent whole.

An L-shaped plan with an open center and a clear, efficient circulation defines the organization of the floor plan. Timeless, environmentally sustainable materials and the use of natural light through out the space bring a sense of continuity and transparency in this office space. The entire floor is raised for flexibility, and individual control of air circulation. It is also environmentally friendly and green, allowing the whole floor to become a giant duct, allowing for higher ceiling heights in most parts of the space. As this raised floor covers the existing heating units and the spandrel glass, the line where the floor and curtain-wall meet is blurred, and one gets the feeling of floating above the city.

The lobby/reception and waiting areas are defined by "folding-planes". These folding-planes in dark wood create a sculptural identity, providing lighting and tactility to each space.

Executive offices have translucent wall of glass with full height dark wood doors. This wall not only brings natural light into the main hallway, it also brings color and texture to the space. A large boardroom seating 20 people marks one corner of the space and directly accessible from the waiting area while the CEO's office marks the other corner.

A linear transparent pod holds the kitchen, copy center, research room and the administration. These spaces can be closed for privacy or remain open and walk through via series of sliding panels and doors. The bullpen/ open space area, is approximately one third of the floor is flooded with natural light, and has collaborative stations with access to variety of smaller meeting/conference rooms.

Finally this project creates a thoughtful, forward-looking environment that combines refinements of a home with the efficiency of an office space, a place for creative thinking and working long hours.