In the new Millennium, museums are no longer just a "cabinet of curiosity" in a palace setting creating surprise and delight, nor are the museums considered as a "sacred space" or a temple for art. Today museums have become more like centers of entertainment providing variety of activities, from shopping to eating and performances, very similar to "Theme Parks".

As the art and mediums of making art have drastically changed, we envision the architecture of the 21st Century museum would no longer be a neutral box. A new Museum would be an innovative space responding to the new mediums and definitions of art.

This is a Museum that is vertical, not horizontal. It is a Museum as an "interface" available to all artists. Here the concept of museum has become "inside-out", the boundaries between its content and container blurred and the threshold between "Private and Public", "Art and Architecture" re-examined.

Finally, the Museum of the 21st Century is a place where the public can be challenged, conventions examined, and ideas presented. It's architecture reflects the notion of flexibility, possibilities, and inclusiveness through its spatial complexity and technological integration. It is a total environment that stimulates art, enhances our experience and vision.