This Destination Resort is located in the coast town of Essaouira by the Atlantic Ocean and not far from the city of Marrakech - known for its music festivals, beautiful beaches and temperate climate at all times. Organized around a golf course and within walking distance from the old fortified city of Mogador, this 21st century resort in contrast takes form.

3 hotels and approximately 200 villas have been planned in this carefully landscaped and undulating resort.

Hariri & Hariri Architecture was chosen to design the villas, and have proposed three very different types that would fit within the topography of the resort:

- Hilltop Villas with magnificient views, visible from the surrounding areas

- Lakeside Villas oriented near manmade lakes in the center of the golf course area

- Dune Villas are more private shaped like the dunes nearby with closest access to the beach.

All villas are sculptural with indoor/outdoor spaces, private pools and selected use of local materials.