This nomadic museum is 34,000 sq. ft. with a mission to “bring art to people and bring people to art”. The Odyssey Museum will be exhibiting a cosmic journey of contemporary artists who use myth and cycle of life from creation to death such as Bill Viola, Matthew Barney, Mike Kelley, Carsten Holler, Damien Hirst and others.

The architecture of the moving museum is a pneumatic structure with inflatable membrane making it transportable, temporary, global and green. Its PVC coated polyester skin has a texture that is structural. The structure is inflated and kept to pressure by constant airflow from a fan operated by the energy generated by solar panels.
The double skin with air flowing in between is a natural insulation making this museum efficient, green and sustainable.

The whole structure has 5 distinct areas with different form, height, and proportion exhibiting different art installation as with works from the world's top artists, that are set up to tell a story about life on earth, from its beginning to its end.