Pardis hotel will be a 5 star destination place, attracting both local, national and international tourists as well as friends and families of patients who will be coming to the biggest heart surgery hospital for treatment in the middled east adjacent to this hotel.

Infertility Center is also located nearby with numerous families visiting each year. There are other hospitals and health centers planned to open in this area as well.

The design of the Hotel is based on Chahar Bagh which is conceptually created from the intersection of a circle and a square reflecting heaven on earth. Pardis Hotel has four internal gardens: Entry Court Garden, Fruit Garden, Water Garden and Tea Garden. An undulating organic roof, inspired by the fabric and weave of the city of yazd rooftops is designed to cover the entire functions of the hotel with indoor and outdoor spaces. This roof floats above the ground creating shaded  passageways  and outdoor areas to  sit and cool, reflect and enjoy the gardens and amenities of the hotel.

Sustainable technologies of the past is still valid and used here to cross ventilate, filter the light via deep canopies and mashrabiya screens, use of water as evaporative cooling.