This project is located in a "postwar" tower in New York City, and is a combination of two apartments into one large dwelling with three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms study/guest room, and an open living, dining, kitchen area.

The plan is organized in an L-Form with a core of wet areas in the center. All the public spaces are in a rectangular volume along Park Avenue within an open-plan challenging the traditional layout of most Park Avenue apartments. A row of large horizontal windows along the exterior wall creates a continuity via a long floating cabinet allowing the interior space extending itself out into the space of Park Avenue.

Living and dining spaces however, are defined by two sculptural, "folding planes". These elements not only separate and connect different areas but also allow for wiring and lighting of the loft with out lowering the whole ceiling area to accommodate the lighting fixtures.

Adjacent to the dining area is the kitchen/family room. A large metal and glass sliding panel conceals and reveals the kitchen from the living /dining area.

Perpendicular to the public loft- space is the private quarters with the bedrooms organized all in a row along a small hallway.

The master suite is a spare and quiet room with a zen bed and has a sitting room/reading area, acting as a "Hall of Fame" where selected children art work is exhibited. A large master bathroom in stone accommodates two separate but connected "His & Her" areas each with a sink, toilet and a bathtub and a shower, offering a luxury often missing in many of the classical Park Avenue apartments.