The master-plan is composed of 3 distinct structures around a private entry court showcasing ONE Majestic Royal Palace in the tradition of the historic imperial palaces of Asia and the Middle East.

Main Villa:

The centrally located Villa is a modern interpretation of a Garden Pavilion in a Persian Paradise Garden. It is on a raised platform open toward the views. A very large canopy provides shade for a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces offering comfort and privacy for spiritual and leisurely relaxation.

Entrance and Roof:

A wall of mosaic tiles with fountains and narrow pools of water welcomes the VIP, creates privacy and provides a graceful entrance to the mansion. A large roof like a giant umbrella covers the raised platform of 63m x 38m allowing for variety of different shaded spaces such as Indoor/outdoor sitting areas, pool and wellness center, the formal majlis and dining rooms enclosed by glass walls with a sculpted ceiling displaying a pattern of squinch like geometry.

The upper level of the villa consists of 8 master bedroom suites each with a private terrace enclosed with pre-cast light concrete screen. The lower level contains the main kitchen, maid rooms, laundry and storage facilities.

Guest House:

To the south of the villa a vaulted pavilion serves as a guesthouse with a private pool, beach and garden acting as a large environmental dune-like sculpture.

Other facilities: To the west is the gatehouse, transformer room, and staff quarters around a screened courtyard, creating protection, privacy and an edge for the entry court.