Located in the premier contemporary art district, Chelsea area in New York City, this project takes form. A highly visible corner site with an existing 3 story gallery space is to be renovated and a special gallery to be added on top. The architecture of this gallery is proposed to function as both an exhibition space as well as a signage to celebrate the contemporary Persian art.

To achieve the goals and intentions of the museum, we have proposed a simple open plan of 7,500 Sqft. volume to hover over the existing roof to create a roof garden to mediate and filter between old and new, inside and outside, an outdoor sculpture garden and a veranda, representing a new interpretation of the famous traditional Persian gardens. This garden presents opportunities for the visitors to gather and enjoy the art as well as the rooftop and river views of Manhattan. The highly sculpted and faceted ceiling of this garden is inspired by the 17th Century grand palaces of Isfahan and is visible to pedestrians on the street level, giving a glimpse of what's to be expected inside.

The hovering Special Gallery is glazed on both open sides with a layer of LED light space that digitally exhibits poetry and writings of Persian poets like Rumi and Khayam as well as work of the contemporary artists. This glazed layer acts as a billboard / signage and encloses the building, creating a skin that highlights the strength and importance of Persian literature and culture in the works of contemporary artists.