Inspired by Noguchi's "Stone Sculptures" and Translucent "Akari-Lamps", this 4500 sq. ft. home was designed. Sited on the highest elevation of a 5-Acre property with a calm, tranquil, and quiet, zen-like setting. Surrounded by tall trees and rock out- cropping, the architecture of this home interprets and internalizes this landscape offering the properties of intangible time and light. The house is conceptually a simplified and abstract "garden" in stone, wood, metal and translucent walls.

The architecture of the house is composed of three inter-locking volumes, the entry, living, and fitness/meditation volumes.

The entry-volume is a vertical space, 2.5 stories high. It takes form of a vertical void and is the hearth of the house. This void contains different levels and provides the vertical and horizontal circulation to different parts of the house. It is enclosed by translucent, fiberglass- curtain walls, allowing soft light into the void while a series of windows with clear glass frame different parts of the landscape. The main element of this space is a stair case wrapping around a curved stucco wall, connecting different parts and levels of the house. This highly sculpted and articulated space becomes the internal-landscape emphasizing the void of our existence in this passing world and emitting light at night just like a Noguchi "Akari-Lamp".

The Living-Volume contains all the private spaces (Bedrooms) on the lower floor with the public spaces (Living/dining) up above.

The Fitness/Meditation-Volume interlocks into the living and entry volume via kitchen/ family room on one level and gym on lower level with the garage down below.

Finally it captures the very essence of nature through tactility of material, light and space that evokes dynamic reactions and emotions in the occupants and the visitors, it is like floating in space, letting "Light" itself shape our spatial perception.