Inspired by Chinese Calligraphic “wave dancing” we have formed this project. We have used this ancient art form abstractly as the generator and concept for the luxury residential towers and the garden beyond. As an abstract art form more than 3000 years old, Chinese calligraphy is not just writing Chinese characters, neither just writing well. It is an art to express spirits. A calligraphy work carries the calligrapher's personality, mood, idea, thoughts and soul. This concept not only is rooted in ancient Chinese art it also allows freedom from strict formal axial architecture of the old times. The movement, abstraction, and asymmetry create a modern dynamic place for living in the 21st Century China.


The podium was designed as a strong, solid 2-story base similar to Xian’s historic architecture of Bell Towers, Pagodas and the City Wall. Lined up along the street are the retail units (6813 m2) with an arcade of folded walls in textured stone creating a beautiful shaded pedestrian arcade along the luxury stores. Two floors of parking below the street level provides the required (approx. 400 cars) parking space for the 3 luxury towers.


A large archway within this podium marks the main entry into the project. On the west is the elevator lobby for tower 2.

Tower 1 lobby is connected to the main entry via a courtyard partially covered. On the east, tower3 lobby is also connected with a courtyard partially covered with reflecting pools and pomegranate trees (symbol of Xian). Each lobby is 2-story in height and connects to the rooftop with bridges creating a dramatic lobby space. Two elevators in each lobby service the towers from the parking to the residences up above.


The top of the podium is the private amenities for the luxury residence. It has a swimming pool (24.4mx6.7m) with a sunbathing deck, variety of seating areas, trees, gym changing room, outdoor pagodas, game room, outdoor cooking (BBQ) and dining areas. In the center and accessible to all the 3 towers is the club.


The 3 luxury towers and the main garden on the north side are all abstractly calligraphic and express the spirit of the old new and carry the spirit of the project.

Each floor rotates slightly creating a twisting volume and truly becoming a “wave dancing”. The towers skin is mainly in glass with wrapper element on the East West of each tower providing privacy and dynamic movement in the overall composition of the complex. The wrappers are composed of metal and terracotta panels, as homage to the legend of the terracotta worriers of Xian. Terraces extend the living rooms out with landscaping and views of the Da Ming Park on the south side. On the north side large terraces extend the kitchen and the family eating area with views of the northern garden.

APARTMENTS (159 in Total)

Each tower has two apartments per floor (53 per tower). A private elevator brings the residents to a lobby where the main entrance to the apartment is located. One enters into a spacious entry hall with a large closet for the guest and a double glass doors into a gallery space. This space provides the main circulation between all the other areas in the apartment. At the end is an L-shaped living room with a terrace and a large Chinese dining area. Next to dining is a luxurious Kitchen with Chinese cooking on one end, western-style kitchen with an island in the middle for breakfast and coffee and a small eat-in area near the terrace. The master suite and the two additional bedrooms are all on the south side. The top floor of each tower has a duplex penthouse occupying the whole floor with double-story high living room, a wrap around terrace and the master suite on the top floor.


To create a modern yet warm and comfortable interior we have chosen a pallet of colors relating to the city of Xian. The stone on the floor is the local limestone used in the city, the red color is of the pomegranate–flowers, and the yellow gold used in the ornaments and details of historic buildings. Dark wood is used as an accent and for special doors, walls and ceiling treatment.