Swarovski's commitment to reinvent the chandelier suitable to our contemporary culture and the environments we live in, encouraged us to examine the history and qualities of crystals and chandeliers.

What is most striking in all chandeliers traditional or modern is their ability to create a vibrant and sparkling atmosphere and are designed as an armature to hang the crystals from. We wanted to reverse this and fundamentally create the crystal itself. We were interested in making the diamond, not the ring.

World-class craftsmanship, technical innovation and the beauty of Swarovski crystals inspired and encouraged the concept and formation of this fixture.

After being fascinated by the varieties of Swarovski crystals we decided to take the idea of a diamond, crystal, or more abstractly the "cut stone" as the essence of Swarovski and make that the concept of our chandelier. It is because of this concept that we have named our chandelier the "Rock Crystal". Its geometry follows the geological formations and cutting of precious stones with very sharp edges, folds and multiple points. The form of this crystal-shape chandelier is asymmetrical and varies from different angles and points of view. It is the Hariri & Hariri Sculptural Crystal for Swarovski.