Situated in West Nyack, NY, the Rockland Center for the Arts offers its immediate community diverse programs, including exhibitions, concerts, art classes, children's activities, lectures, and symposia. As this art center is expanding its vision and mission to become a major cultural center in the region, it has chosen the firm of Hariri & Hariri Architecture from a list of 37 reputable architectural firms to prepare a master plan including a new fine arts museum building with variety of exhibition spaces, additional studios, renovation and incorporation of the existing school, and a sculpture garden.

The proposed master-plan will transform the 10-acre site into a park-like setting with a New Museum Building not only creating a new entrance but essentially a profound and embracing experience of arrival. This experience and new perception of the center is created via two new curved buildings as a new face to the whole complex.

The 26,000 sq. ft. expansion will offer the first Fine Arts Museum in Rockland County.