This project was inspired by the rich cultural heritage and the use of geometry in Persian architecture.

The triangle is the first form to enclose space. It represents the harmony of the universe, as described by Architect Nader Ardalan in the book, The Sense of Unity.

Screening off is a means in which to internalize, meditate and reach eternal unity.

Veiling and unveiling from the modern worldview of today has a voyeuristic undertone that gives new meaning to the concept of veiling.


A raised floor system is proposed for the office floors to be used as air flow plenum for heating and cooling as well as ease of electrical distribution to work stations.

Good quality thermally broken insulated window system is essential in Green construction. In combination with the 46cm deep shading screen we have proposed it will reduce the heat load tremendously.

Eco friendly, biodegradable materials are proposed for all the finishes. Efficient electrical lighting and control, and high efficiency mechanical system will minimize the use of energy as well as waste. Cross ventilation is proposed as natural ventilation for the months in moderate temperature.