As one arrives on the 28th floor, a sculptural, lighting and signage element greets the visitors. Conceptually carrying the idea of the building’s architecture to the interior space, a Tornado shaped light-column twisting and rotating down creates a path of travel towards the Tornado Restaurant. This concept and form of a real tornado twisting and touching ground is carried inside the steak restaurant and lounge/bar area via an undulating ceiling made of translucent Acrylic Polymer panels with lighting behind, touching ground at different points similar to an actual multi-vortex tornado. An elegant receiving and waiting area guides the diners towards each of the two restaurants. The lounge/ bar and piano are on the left and the bistro is on the right.

The Brasserie restaurant is serene, modern, and comfortable with a luxurious space that seats approximately 75-92 people. The variety of seating and table arrangement and sizes offer flexibility and possibilities for different set ups. A series of semi enclosed rooms that carry the geometry of the building’s structural members in wood, create an intimate and private setting with a system of curtains enclosing each room.

The lounge/steakhouse restaurant is a destination dining place with a design reflecting its unique brand both elegant and accessible. Utilizing natural materials combined with new technologies and lighting. It is at once tailored, classic and luxurious, yet rich, tactile, inventive and a stage for a rare experience. This area seats approximately 100 people. The structural elements here are wrapped in wood counterbalancing the stone floor with seating in leather and wood booths and banquets, all with views of the water and the museum beyond.

The kitchen serves both dining areas and the take-out all at once.