This 5000 sq. ft. space in New York City's "Silicon Valley" area is kept mainly as a large, open studio space to accommodate the needs of a growing software, multimedia designers "The Unified Field".

The Unified Field's mission to translate data into information and information into insight became the inspiration for this project.

The main architectural element of the Unified Field Offices is three curvilinear workstations, composed to define three distinct but interrelated areas for the designers, programmers & the development group. These workstations are constructed with aluminum, lexan and plexiglas and act as filter for light and a veil, providing privacy, revealing only shadows of what is behind. This play of light & shadow, concave & convex, inside & outside and actual & virtual information is on display through out the whole space creating a dynamic and inspiring work environment.

A rectilinear reception-desk with sliding panels displaying Unified Field's work greet the visitors upon entry. A translucent sculptural wall on one end begins the composition of the work - stations and the translucent sliding panels on the other end reveal a conference/ multi-media room and a lounge behind.

All mechanical ducts and wiring-cable tray are exposed in a centralized spine stretching from north to south, connecting the work area to the meeting rooms.

Unified Field's belief that communication is not static in our quickly changing world, and the need for flexible systems that are as practical as they are dynamic was the mission of this architecture.